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Swimming pool - 5 km

Train station - 7 km

Golf - 10 km

Base leisures - 15 km

Paris - 60 km

Euro-disney - 80 km
Inn - 100 m

Forest - 200 m

Fishing - 200 m

Trade - 2 km

Tennis - 5 km

Horsemanship - 5 km
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Forêt de Fontainebleau

High place of the climbing, the Forêt de Fontainebleau
extends on more than 30.000 hectares and present
one of the rock sites unique in France.
Its marked out paths will enable you to discover
the principal landscapes and curiosities,
by feet, horse, bicycle or by car.

Places to visit :

- Castle of Fontainebleau and its park

- Sites of climbings in forest

- The plain of Sorques (natural space protected
    to observe flora, birds and large mammalian)

- Villages in edge of forest (Barbizon, Bourron
   Marlotte, Thomery…)

- The base of leisures of Buthier
Parc régionnal du Gâtinais

In the south-east of the Island of France, the park
gathers 57 communes of the Seine and Marne and
the Essonne.

Places to visit :

- Astronomical Observatory of Buthier

- Base of Leisures of Buthiers

- Church of Amponville

- Larchant and its forest

- Course ventures in the trees of Nemours/Poligny

- Park of the Soubiran castle in Dammarie les lys

- Space nectar with St Sauveur sur école accomodating
   fauna and flora and an enclosure with hinds, deer
   and other animals.

- Museum of the Father Christmas in Chailly en Bière.