28, rue d'Auvers - 77123 Noisy sur école
Lodging rural
Téléphone : 01 64 24 54 67
At your disposal  

with supplement: 

- Telegraphic Connection or WI-FI with
   Internet (via ADSL)
- Projection screen of 3m (L) on 2 m (H)
- Paper board
- Television screen of 55 inches allowing you
    to visualize any type of support.
- reader CD/DVD/MP3
- Wiring for sound. 
- overhead projector
- Installation of a data-processing network
   (to be specified at the time of the reservation)
The hiring of La Grande Salle is done for one day or for an entire Week-end.

schedules for the day :       

        from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

schedules for the weekend :

        from Saturday 12:00AM  to Sunday 6:00 PM

For your meals, the choice of the delicatessen is free.
(we can recommend some addresses to you).

The hiring of La Grande Salle  includes

      - tables and chairs
      - two additional rooms
      - the living room of relaxation
      - the use of the kitchens
      - the access to the garden

For the seminars, two pauses coffee is envisaged in the course of the day

       - at 10:30 AM with mini viennoisery
       - at 3:30 PM with small dry cakes
We propose a hiring of room of seminar with all the material necessary to this kind of service.

The capacity of the Large Room allows a total versatility the levels of the applications.

Positioned in meeting, class or conference, you will find in our spaces the ideal solution for the good course of your seminar of work.